Breaking news: +++ Indie Network Radio show reaches 700 million listeners worldwide +++ Great Britian's newly formed Brexit government has taken country from total lockdown to then reopening and right back to total lockdown. +++ The C.E.R.B. was being collected by too many high income persons that had claimed to have needed it +++ Vaping is now known to possibly increase risk of lung failure by about 40 percent +++ Ontario reaches around 125 thousand cases of the COVID19 pandemic +++ Got news? You can fax your article subject for consideration to the station at: 613-777-0102 +++ Station listener trends for: NOVEMBER 13th / 2020: 7-day trend: -3.85% (Down) +++ 14-day trend: -14.12% (Down) +++ 30-day trend: +3.81% (Up) +++ Current song: Loading ... +++ Bit rate: +++ Current listeners: +++ Server status: +++ Source connected: +++ Station time: +++ Track details: - -


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